Easy to ruin by Dryclean Processing

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If you see this kind of care label on your garment, don’t do dryclean processing but wetclean processing at Anycleaners.

label conflict

These are conflict becasue ‘Dry Clean’ does tumble dry more than 40 minutes. It might ruin your specialty as below. It’ll be de-glued, paints-lost, color-bleeding, de-formed and leather-shrunk by solvent-cleaning & hot-tumbling. Accordingly, ask your cleaners to clean your specialties by wetclean processing. It’s the ultimate processing … as we do our skins. View an article on Washing suedes and leathers at natclo.com. View a case study.

leather wet
Leather wetcleaning is processed like our skins

Typically ruined by dryclean processing

VALENTINOMade in Ltaly
+ 089
Ralph Lauren
Helmut Lang
rag & bone

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